Sawat-D is a special line of Thai rice that includes USDA certified organic jasmine rice and multigrain rice. It is ideal for people looking to eat healthier grains of rice and parents concerned about the amount of chemicals and pesticides in rice.


Photo Brand Category Title Pack Size Unit of Measure UPC
Sawat-D Rice Products Organic Brown Rice 12 1kg
Sawat-D Rice Products Organic Jasmine Rice 12 1kg
Sawat-D Rice Products Multi Grain Rice 12 1kg

Thai United Food

Thai United is a specialized importer and distributor of popular ethnic foods, beverages, and kitchenware from Asia. We import our products from Asian suppliers that are globally recognized for their excellent brands and distribute them to our clients at wholesale costs across the country. .

Where to find us

Thai United Food Trading

Unit 2 - 7978 N Fraser Way

Burnaby, BC Canada



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